@akkartik instead of building from the code "up" I tried to design from the UI "down" — what UI do we need in order to communicate programs really well and then how can we change programming so those explanations just fall out.

I love your approach of rebuilding the foundations, though! Can't wait to see where it ends up

@akkartik regarding your overall goal of communicating a codebase, you may be interested in my FuzzySet interactive documentation which attempts to give the best possible human explanation of the code library: glench.github.io/fuzzyset.js/u

@akkartik so cool! I’m so glad someone is seriously doing this work. A really great experiment — hopefully it shows us all a fundamentally new way to do things!

Oh dang, I just discovered Kuraine's Singularity EP while looking around Ship to Shore PhonoCo's catalog, and it is extremely my jam. Full, thoughtful, layered electronic music that just wraps me in its world.

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